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All you need is Bread … and Bubbles!

All you need is Bread … and Bubbles!

All you need is bread … and bubbles” is not only the motto of Ströck-Feierabend starting in mid-May 2024 but also a daily invitation to everyone who wants to enjoy handcrafted bread specialties and exquisite sparkling wines after work.

With ‘All you need is bread … and bubbles,’ we create an after-work experience that brings together our passion for high-quality bread, creative flatbreads, and excellent sparkling wines. Not only do we offer our guests a relaxing evening, but we also raise awareness about the importance of regional and sustainable cuisine, says Philipp Ströck, master baker.

Sustainability and regionality in focus

The ingredients for our creations mostly come from our own Feierabend garden in Aspern, which is cultivated according to the market gardening principle. This involves resource-efficient, bio-intensive vegetable farming on a small scale. This approach ensures both the freshness and quality of the products.

Daily tarte flambee innovations and exclusive pop-up event

From May 17, 2024, Feierabend Burggasse presents a daily selection of exclusive tarte flambee, perfectly paired with carefully selected sparkling wines. The organic sourdough for the Flammkuchen is long-fermented using locally sourced whole grain flour, freshly ground in-house at the Feierabend Burggasse’s own mill. This achieves an unadulterated flavor and improved digestibility.

Gastronomy manager Christopher Schramek has exclusively crafted creations such as “Hut & Stiel Vegan” featuring oyster mushrooms and garden chimichurri, “Ricotta-Paradeiser” with a harmonious blend of ricotta, lemon, and tomato pesto, “Lachsforelle”, “Chorizo”, “Erbse”, “Elsässer”, and sweet options like “Erdbeer-Rhabarber”, all of which combine sustainability with indulgence.

The culinary offerings at Feierabend Burggasse are further enriched by special events such as a pop-up event on June 21, 2024, held in partnership with Karma Food. The event marks the beginning of a series of collaborations with outstanding gastronomic establishments from the neighborhood, during which special Flammkuchen creations will be offered for one day each.


Long-fermented organic sourdough made with locally sourced organic whole grain flour, freshly ground in-house.

With pea guacamole, wild broccoli and pea cress


Featuring oyster mushrooms from “Hut und Stiel”, garden chimichurri, Swiss chard, and potatoes.

With ricotta, lemon, tomato pesto, olives, pine nuts and parmesan


With homemade crème fraîche, house-cured trout, fennel, mizuna, red onions, and radishes.

With homemade créme fraîche, spring onions and organic bacon

Featuring homemade crème fraîche, chorizo, tomatoes, mustard greens, and peppercorn mayonnaise.

With curd cream, strawberries, rhubarb, flowers and organic honey from our garden


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