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Enjoying the best of bread and wine together with friends.

Feierabend bring life to the kitchen around bread. We draw inspiration from all over the world – without forgetting where we come from. What matters to us: quality, origin, season, and cultivation methods. The high quality of our products always comes first. We test our products thoroughly before the question arises for us: On the menu or not?

We want to show that quality and taste, low ecological impact, and a fair price can be reconciled. At Feierabend, we aim to live by the same principles that we have been cultivating at Ströck for years. That is, sustainability, regionalism, and resource conservation are not just written on a proverbial flag but are present at the table. Therefore, we mainly serve a variety of Austrian wines and selected organic wines as well as ingredients from the region.

We want our guests to feel at home at Ströck Feierabend. So, meet people you love to share with – whether it’s a dish, a smile, or just a beautiful, shared time.

All you need is Brot … and Bubbles!

All you need is Brot … and Bubbles!

Exklusive Flammkuchen & Schaumweine im Feierabend Burggasse

Ab dem 17. Mai 2024 präsentiert der Feierabend Burggasse täglich eine Auswahl exklusiver Flammkuchen, perfekt abgestimmt mit sorgfältig ausgewählten Schaumweinen. Mit Bio-Vollkornmehl aus der Region, frisch vermahlen in der hauseigenen Mühle, wird der Bio-Sauerteig für die Flammkuchen langzeitgeführt. So erreicht man einen unverfälschten Geschmack und bessere Bekömmlichkeit.


From the garden to your plate!

Our Feierabend Garden has something to offer in every season. Here you’ll always find the latest news from the garden and our garden team.

And the best part: you can taste the harvest daily right here at Feierabend. That’s our farm-to-table concept!


Our Team

Behind the basic idea of Feierabend are passionate individuals who live our philosophy every day, each in their own specialized area.


Chief Pâtissier


Gastronome & Sommelier


Gastronomy manager


Master baker




Service Manager/Host Feierabend Landstraße


Head Chef Feierabend Landstraße


Head Chef Feierabend Landstraße


Service Manager/Host Feierabend Burggasse


Head Chef Feierabend Burggasse


Organisation & Project Management

Our Partners

Bio-Hof Hammerl „Stoahöfe“

The Hammerl family, who run an organic farm in the Waldviertel region, supply Ströck-Feierabend with organic eggs. Since 2013, the farm near Rappottenstein in the western Waldviertel region has been completely converted to egg-laying hen husbandry.

Of course, organic and, naturally, following the rooster and hen principle. The Hammerl family is part of a program that ensures the hens come from a breeding system where the male chicks are also allowed to grow.

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Weingut Christ

At WEINGUT CHRIST, a round 400-year-old family tradition, a nature-oriented winemaking philosophy, and innovative ‘spirit’ are the cornerstones according to which winemaking is practiced With great enthusiasm and commitment, only vineyards in the Bisamberg area are cultivated. Tradition and innovation blend here to create a harmonious mixture.

Our F01 Wiener Gemischter Satz was created exclusively for Feierabend by Weingut Christ.

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Leopold Mahrer

Delivers the best apple juice this side and that side of the Mississippi…/ the Danube.

Moreover, Leo is one of the really good ones. He was producing in DEMETER quality even before certification. His endeavor to do good here goes so far that he has already planted apple trees that only his grandchildren will benefit from

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Obst und Buschenschank Strauch

Supplies us with his world-class elderberry syrup, and we also source our elderberries for the equally famous and beloved organic elderberry Rugalech from him.

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Weingut Kögl

Winemaker Tamara Kögl works biodynamically in the vineyard and wine cellar according to Demeter guidelines. She stands for wines with character and personality, unmistakably carrying their origin from the Southern Styria in their heart.

She exclusively crafted our Feierabend wine ‘Organic Sauvignon Blanc Ehrenhausen’ for us.

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Alexander Egermann

Uncompromising, authentic, wines with style,” is how Alexander Egermann describes himself. “My name adorns my label. Straightforward, precise, distinctive, original. Just like me. Just like my wines. Constant pursuit of even higher quality and my personal drive for perfection are the inspiration and motivation for my daily work.”

He exclusively crafted our F07 Mosaic for Feierabend.


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Weingut Wieninger

As a family business, Weingut Wieninger practices biodynamic, environmentally friendly viticulture in the metropolis of Vienna. Highest quality, respect for nature, and sustainability lived for generations – these are the values that guide them.

They exclusively crafted our F03 Pinot Noir Select for Feierabend.

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Hut & Stiel

The oyster mushrooms of today grow on the coffee grounds of yesterday.

Since 2015, they have been cultivating edible mushrooms on coffee grounds—a resource that is almost endlessly available in a major city like Vienna. Instead of ending up in the waste bin, the coffee grounds are collected from Viennese coffee houses, restaurants, large kitchens, and offices. In production, they are processed into mushroom substrate and used as a nutrient-rich medium for the oyster mushrooms.

We have been a partner from the very beginning because their endeavor to produce something useful from the remains of coffee is unparalleled.

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Alt Wien Kaffee

Great coffee isn’t rocket science. With some enthusiasm and dedication, anyone can achieve a delicious result. It’s an explicit goal of Alt Wien Kaffee to empower their customers and provide them with a memorable coffee experience – preferably every day.

For Feierabend, the ‘Viennese Coffee’ was exclusively created, a medium-bodied 100% organic and Fairtrade certified coffee bean blend made from Arabica varieties from Central and South America with low acidity, freshly roasted every week. Nose: chocolate, almonds, ginger cookies. Palate: nut, cocoa, salted caramel. Finish: long and dry.

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Herbeus Greens

Agriculture. Freshly Made!

It’s time to rethink agriculture. We all rightly expect more from our food: climate-neutral, resource-efficient, free from chemical pesticides, protection for bees, soil, and forests, healthier, fresher, transparent, and more diverse. In the face of rapidly growing world population, we cannot continue as before.

Our innovative vertical farming technology allows for a completely new approach, enabling us to make our nutrition 10x more productive, sustainable, healthier, and more exciting every day. Eat with us and contribute your share too!

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Sonnberg Biofleisch

SONNBERG organic meat stands for honesty, enjoyment, and Austrian origin…

The foundation for the great taste of SONNBERG organic meat and sausage products is the respectful, species-appropriate animal husbandry in the rural organic supplier farms and the stress-free journey to slaughter.

Furthermore, organic agriculture not only guarantees the production of healthy food but also ensures the sustainable management of natural and living spaces.

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Fleischwaren Höllerschmid

For anyone who values ​​the highest quality, regional origin, and artisanal production when purchasing meat products, we are the right partner.

In dealing with customers, a long-term and trusting partnership is particularly important to us. Our high proportion of regular customers confirms the old saying: ‘Buying meat is a matter of trust.

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Fabians Beeren

The Fabian family’s operation in Marchfeld supplies our Feierabend with the freshest seasonal berries such as raspberries, strawberries, and many more for your enjoyment.

You can find uns here

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The Feierabend Menu

The Feierabend Menu

Our creed: regional & seasonal.

We want to demonstrate that it’s possible to reconcile quality and taste, minimal ecological impact, and fair pricing. At Feierabend, our aim is to live by the same principles we’ve been adhering to at Ströck for years. Namely, that sustainability, regional sourcing, and resource conservation aren’t just slogans but are reflected on the table. That’s why we predominantly serve a variety of Austrian wines and selected organic wines, as well as ingredients sourced locally.

Here, you can enjoy both classics that are integral to our menu and seasonal highlights constantly curated by our team under the leadership of Christopher Schramek. This ensures that you’ll always find something new to tantalize your taste buds during every visit or simply revel in the finest quality in the familiar Feierabend style.

The latest news from Feierabend